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Price Comparison for Pampers Diapers

A Lifetime of Smarter Shopping

Neil Kataria, Founder and CEO of StockUp Commerce, knows a lot about shopping. Growing up in North Carolina, grocery shopping was delegated to father and son. Working to Mom’s list, they scoured newspapers and circulars for coupons and hit multiple stores to complete the list. For every dollar they saved his father put a dollar in Neil’s savings account. With this incentive, young Neil worked each week to better their performance and recorded everything in a bulging notebook – his first database of shopping intelligence.

With enough savings to pay his way through college, Neil dedicated his free time to founding a successful software business, which was acquired by Oracle in 2007. He then founded newBrandAnalytics, a pioneering social analytics company that brought retailers closer to their customers through social data.

While leading that business he had his first child and was struck by the price disparity for his chosen brand of diapers. Applying the same diligence as when shopping with his father, he discovered that prices could vary by as much as 40% within just 5 miles of his home, across almost every category of consumer products. StockUp was born, a unique mobile product to enable shoppers to share live pricing data and help each other make smarter local shopping choices for the basket of goods they need.

Neil actively leads the development of StockUp – with 100,000 stores and over 1bn prices added so far – driving towards his vision of creating the ‘Shopping List that tells you where to shop’ and a grand ambition inspired by the diligence and dedication he learned in his early years – to help consumers know the price of everything, everywhere.